Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to remove DRM from protected Audiobooks and convert to MP3 / AAC

Audiobooks you purchased from iTunes Store are often protected by DRM protection that only allows you to listen to these audio books on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. If you want to play them on mp3 players such as PSP, Blackberry, Creative Zen and mobile phones, you have to remove DRM from audiobooks and convert the DRM protected audiobooks to MP3. Strongly recommend this Audiobook DRM Removal software – Macsome Audiobook Converter for Mac.
Macsome Audiobook Converter works sound recording technology to convert audiobooks from iTunes Store. So it keeps the users on the legal side. It can convert purchased audiobooks to MP3 or AAC to play anywhere. The conversion is 5X speed fast, and the output could be CD quality.
If you play the audiobooks on iTunes, Macsome Audiobook Converter can load the audiobooks automatically from the iTunes Books library on the list. You just select what you want to convert on the Audiobooks.

In addition, you can drag the DRM protected audiobooks to the list.
Before the conversion, you can click Profile button to customize MP3 as the output format from the drop-down list.

Then you can click the Convert button to start the audiobooks conversion with the default output path.

With the 5X fast than playback speed, you can get the output file easily. After the conversion, the converted audiobooks without DRM protection can be transferred to portable devices.
Removing DRM protection with MasomeAudiobook Converter is one of the most important functions. And Masome Audiobook Converter can keep the chapters of audiobooks. If you want to split the big audiobooks, it also supports splitting audiobooks with 3 methods.
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to burn recorded audio files to CDs

Description: Macsome Audio Recorder can record any audios from Mac, microphone and applications. With Macsome Audio Recorder, You can record audios to MP3, AAC and burn the audios directly to CDs.
Sometimes you’re in the mood for slow love ballads. Other times, you want to listen to some hard rock songs. To meet your different needs quickly, you can burn your favorite music to CDs according to the music styles. With the abundance of audio technology available today, burning your own CDs is a cinch. With Macsome Audio Recorder, you can burn CDs with the recorded music conveniently.
Macsome Audio Recorder can record any audios from applications like,, Google, etc. You can record unlimited free music from YouTube, BBC Radio Audio, iTunes Radio and burn the recorded music to CDs. And how to use Macsome Audio Recorder? Now, take for example. Let’s see the detailed steps on how to burn recorded audio files to CDs.
Section 1: Record music from iTunes Radio
Step 1: Add iTunes application
Click the Add Application button to open the Applications window and choose the, and click Open to add it.
Step 2: Load iTunes
Click the  button to load iTunes. If the application has already launched before Macsome Audio Recorder started, the application need to be restarted.
Step 3: Customize the output format
Select iTunes and click the Inspector button. Then select Recording tab in the Setting window.
Click the Output Format drop-down list and select the format For streamingmusic which is appropriate to record iTunes Raido. And the format For streaming music with the fixed value don’t support customizing the parameters. You can also select Custom to customize the output format and parameters.
Step 4: Start the recording
Click the button to start the recording. The app iTunes will show the state Record On unless audio has been detected.
Step 5: Play iTunes Radio
Select iTunes Music library and play the station you want to record on the Radio tab. Then Macsome Audio Recorder will show the iTunes starting to record and show the duration / size info when audio has been detected.
In the recording process, you can click the  button to start a new recording for the next music. But when the recording is Record On or paused, it doesn’t work.
Step 6: Finish the recording
Click the button to finish the recording and the state will change from Record On to Record Off. And check the recorded file on Record Bin tab.
Section 2: Burn the recorded music as CDs
Step 1: Select files and click the Burn button. Then burn settings window pops up.
Step 2: Click the Burn Disc In drop-down list to select burning device. And make sure burning device with inserted disc is ready to burn.
Step 3: Click the button to set the burning settings.
Step 4: Click the Burn button to start burning. You can click the Stop button to cancel the burning.
Step 5: When burning process finished, the window close automatically. Then you can enjoy the recorded files in your CDs.
No matter which kind of the music or where the music comes from, as long as you can play them on Mac, you will get the amazing music by recording with Macsome Audio Recorder. Then you can burn the music to CDs. With Macsome Audio Recorder, you can add multiple applications and devices synchronously.
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